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导读:How do Vietnamese people view China now?越南人现在怎么看博狗bodog娱乐场在线?网友评论[/b]i like Vietnam , so i want know how do Vietnamese people view China now? i know we have some conflicts.我喜欢越南,所以我想知道现在的越南人是怎么看待博狗bodog娱乐场在线的?我知道我们两国间有一些矛盾。Nguyen Huu, Physics at Freelancers (2015-
How do Vietnamese people view China now?越南人现在怎么看博狗bodog娱乐场在线?
铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图外国quora网友评论i like Vietnam , so i want know how do Vietnamese people view China now? i know we have some conflicts.我喜欢越南,所以我想知道现在的越南人是怎么看待博狗bodog娱乐场在线的?我知道我们两国间有一些矛盾。Nguyen Huu, Physics at Freelancers (2015-present)We think that China will have a bright future if China could unify her people and avoid any destructive wars in China or near China. We hope that Vietnam and China will be peaceful and prosperous and have a good relationship.
我们认为如果博狗bodog娱乐场在线能够统一人民并且避免其内部以及周边发生破坏性战争的话,博狗bodog娱乐场在线将有光明的未来。 我们希望越南和博狗bodog娱乐场在线能和平繁荣,并建立友好关系。We think that Chinese people are smart, clever, ambitious, good at bussiness( love money so much). I want that Vietnamese people will have good traits like the Chinese.我们认为博狗bodog娱乐场在线人聪明机灵,有野心,会做生意(非常爱钱)。我希望越南人也能像博狗bodog娱乐场在线人一样具备这些好特点。We know that China is investing everywhere, in Africa, in Europe, in America, in Asia. China wants to make a lot of money.我们知道博狗bodog娱乐场在线人到处投资:非洲、欧洲、美国、亚洲。他们想赚大钱。We know that China has achieved an amazing result in a short time to become the second biggest economy in the world. China has cored well on PISA, IQ test. We want to imitate China. When i compare India with China, i feel that the Chinese are amazing. They are proud, nationalistic. The Chinese are more cunning than Vietnamese.
我们知道博狗bodog娱乐场在线在段时间内取得了惊人的成就,并成为世界第二大经济体。博狗bodog娱乐场在线在国际学生评估项目以及智商测试中得分高。我们想要模仿博狗bodog娱乐场在线。当我把印度和博狗bodog娱乐场在线放在一起比较时,我发现博狗bodog娱乐场在线人令人惊叹。他们骄傲,有民族自豪感。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人比越南人更加狡猾。We know that Vietnam shares many similarities to China. We have learned a lot from China. Eating dog meat, The Lunar New Year Celebration, Communism, Confucian values, Family matters, save “face”,…我们知道越南和博狗bodog娱乐场在线间有很多相似之处。我们从博狗bodog娱乐场在线学了很多。吃狗肉、过农历新年、共产主义、儒家价值观、家庭观念、爱面子……We often watch martial films from China. The journey to the West, Three Kingdoms, All men are brothers,… A lot of young people read novels from China like the Scholars by Wu Jingzi, The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants by Shi Yukun, 步步驚心, 抱歉你只是妓-女, 曾许诺/曾許諾,… They are so good. I like to watch chinese films, but I am lazy to read chinese novels. Chinese music is good too. We know a lot of Chinese singers. Chinese singers, actors are more famous in Vietnam than other nations. We know Zhao Wei (赵薇), 章子怡,... We rarely know Japanese singers or Indian singers,… China is the best in these aspects. Hope that more good films, novels from China.我们常看博狗bodog娱乐场在线的武侠电影。《西游记》、《三国演义》、《荡寇志》……很多年轻人读博狗bodog娱乐场在线的小说,诸如吴敬梓的《儒林外史》、石玉昆的《七侠五义》、《步步惊心》、《抱歉你只是妓-女》、《曾许诺》等等,它们都很好。我喜欢看博狗bodog娱乐场在线的电影,但是我懒得去读博狗bodog娱乐场在线小说。博狗bodog娱乐场在线的音乐也很好。我们知道很多博狗bodog娱乐场在线的歌手。博狗bodog娱乐场在线歌手和演员在越南比其他国家的都更有名。我们知道赵薇、章子怡……我们很少有人知道日本或印度的歌手。博狗bodog娱乐场在线在这些方面是最好的。我希望有更多来自博狗bodog娱乐场在线的优秀电影和小说。We are more or less like the Chinese. We are proud, nationalistic. We know that China wants to control trades, fishes, resources on the South China Sea. China thinks for herself but we think for ourselves, China is so large, we are so small. We must keep our small islands on the South China Sea. We have a tradition to fight a lot of wars. If China is powerful, technology and science will make Vietnam strong enough to do something. The South China Sea is very important to China, but it is very important to Vietnam, also. The third side is clever. China could make false excuses or cunning tricks to claim our small islands. Vietnam is not Mexico.
越南人多多少少都会有些像博狗bodog娱乐场在线人。我们也是骄傲的,有民族自豪感的。我们知道博狗bodog娱乐场在线人想控制南海的贸易、渔权和资源。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人和越南人都各为其利。博狗bodog娱乐场在线如此大,而我们如此小。我们必须维护我们在南海上的小岛。我们有战争的传统。即便博狗bodog娱乐场在线是强大的,越南也可以利用科学技术来使得自己强大到足以做一些事。南海对博狗bodog娱乐场在线非常重要,但是对越南也同样非常重要。同样别忘了还有聪明的第三方。就算博狗bodog娱乐场在线能够用虚假的理由和狡诈的小把戏来声称对我们小岛的主权。但是越南可不是墨西哥。Chinese government is smart, effective and thinks ahead. They want a stronger, richer China. If you hate Chinese Government, look at India. There are so many people who love China in CPC. But to treat Vietnam badly is not good, it will hurt reputation of China and arouse hatred, conflicts. We are a small China. China restricts freedom but they have their own reasons. They control a lot of things effectively like population, Hong Kong,… They need more effort in Tibet, TW,..博狗bodog娱乐场在线政府聪明、有效、有远见。他们希望博狗bodog娱乐场在线更富强。如果你讨厌博狗bodog娱乐场在线政府,那么看看印度吧。在中共内部有那么多热爱博狗bodog娱乐场在线的人。但是薄待越南是不好的,这将有损博狗bodog娱乐场在线的声望,并将引发仇恨和冲突。我们是小博狗bodog娱乐场在线。博狗bodog娱乐场在线限制自由,但是他们有自己的原因。他们有效地掌控了很多事情,比如人口问题、香港问题等等。他们还需要在西藏问题和台湾问题上更努力。China has copied and drawn lessons from the US, the West, history. They are smart in these points. The Chinese are hard-working, practical and have a result-oriented attitude. China has to cope with high polution. We don’t like fake, poisonous products, high polution from China. China should improve these problems, if not, people have a lot of reasons to complain about China.博狗bodog娱乐场在线借鉴了美国和西方的历史,并从中汲取经验教训。他们在这些方面很聪明。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人勤劳、实际,以结果为导向。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人不得不应对高污染问题。我们不喜欢博狗bodog娱乐场在线假冒有毒的产品以及高污染。博狗bodog娱乐场在线应该改善这些问题,否则,人们将有很多理由抱怨博狗bodog娱乐场在线。We know that China has to deal with the West, the US, India,… It is difficult for China to maintain their economy, political stability,… We want that peace for China, Asia, Vietnam to develop economy,… Road to the glory is hard and long. China often compares itself with the US to compete. Vietnam wants to learn from Germany to become a better country.
我们知道博狗bodog娱乐场在线不得不与西方、美国、印度做生意。对博狗bodog娱乐场在线来说,保持政治经济的稳定很难。我们希望博狗bodog娱乐场在线、亚洲、越南和平发展经济。光荣之路艰难而漫长。博狗bodog娱乐场在线常常将它自己和美国比较。越南则想学习德国成为一个更好的国家。Chinese girls are smart, beautiful. I want to praise the Chinese girls because there are so many guys in China.博狗bodog娱乐场在线的女孩聪明美丽。我想赞美博狗bodog娱乐场在线的女孩,因为在博狗bodog娱乐场在线有如此多的小伙子。We don’t want that China will interfere our internal politics and problems or uses Cambodia to cause troubles for us.我们不希望博狗bodog娱乐场在线干涉我们的内政,也不希望博狗bodog娱乐场在线利用柬埔寨给我们找麻烦。
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