Many negative things between Vietnam and China has happened in our thousand year of history and a lot of nationalist has been using those historical events to invoke Anti-China sentiment , but the more rational Vietnamese don’t fall prey that easily to ultra-nationalism , they realize that although the Chinese has done wrong to us a lot in the past , but the past is in the past and It’s unnecessary to bring up the past , they know that the only way forward for Vietnam is peace with one of Its largest trading partner , which is also where we import the most from , although Vietnamese realize the importance of China , we’re not ready to let them do whatever they do , there’s a limit to the Chinese nationalism and their aggression toward Vietnam will not be tolerated , the Vietnamese peoples are patriotic and they will never let a superpower like China have their way with their fatherland , if the Chinese cross that boundary , they’ll have a taste of Vietnamese nationalism.中越之间在上千年的历史中曾经发生了许多糟糕的事情。很多民族主义者利用这些历史事件来煽动反华情绪。但是更多理智的越南人不会那么容易成为极端民族主义的牺牲品。他们意识到虽然博狗bodog娱乐场在线人在过去对我们做了很多错事,但是过去的就让它过去,没必要翻旧账。他们知道越南唯一的出路就是和它最大的贸易伙伴——同时也是最大的贸易进口国——和平共处。虽然越南人明白博狗bodog娱乐场在线的重要性,但是我们并不准备让博狗bodog娱乐场在线人为所欲为。博狗bodog娱乐场在线的民族主义要有一个限度,他们对越南的野心是不可容忍的。越南人民是爱国的,他们绝不会任由一个像博狗bodog娱乐场在线这样的超级大国肆意染指他们的祖国。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人一旦越界,他们将尝到越南民族主义的厉害。
Vietnamese doesn’t hate the Chinese but they don’t really like them either , If the Chinese do not cross their limit then Vietnamese will have a more cordial point of view toward them.越南人不讨厌博狗bodog娱乐场在线人,但也不真的喜欢他们。如果博狗bodog娱乐场在线人不越界的话,越南人会对他们更友善。Trinh Quoc Anh, lived in VietnamIn short, I can say that Vietnamese like Chinese culture very much. Its food, films, books, … are really interesting. Most Vietnamese (me included) like them very much. It’s clear that Vietnamese culture is heavily influenced by Chinese culture.简言之,我认为越南人非常喜欢博狗bodog娱乐场在线文化。它的美食、电影、书籍等真的很有趣。包括我在内的大多数越南人非常喜欢这些。显然越南文化深受博狗bodog娱乐场在线文化的影响。However, we don’t like Chinese products, government and businessmen.
但是我们不喜欢博狗bodog娱乐场在线产品、政府和商人。Chinese products are not only seen as cheap and bad but also toxic to use. (Mostly about food and smartphone).博狗bodog娱乐场在线产品:廉价低劣而且有毒(主要指食物和智能手机)。The government: it’s clear, we have conflict in the sea and Vietnamese don’t forget that.博狗bodog娱乐场在线政府:显然我们在南海有矛盾,越南人不会忘了这个。Businessmen: they have tricked a lot of Vietnamese naive farmers, which made our whole society furious.
博狗bodog娱乐场在线商人:他们已经欺诈了很多天真的越南农民,这让我们整个社会很恼火。I know that each person has his/her own thought, but I’m quite sure these opinions is widely shared among Vietnamese.我知道每个人都有自己的想法,但是我相当肯定以上这些看法在越南人中很盛行。Tho Nguyen, lives in VietnamBased on my personal observation, I see that Chinese have more better quality than Vietnamese people do. They are hard working people, smart, very entrepreneurial, very frugal and have longer term vission than Vietnamese. They are also supportive to their people, and they are very deep nationalist too. China has been a cradle of many great people, like; Confucias, Tao, ect. China has contributed a lot for the world civilization in the ancient time.我个人的观察是,博狗bodog娱乐场在线人的素质比越南人的更好。他们勤劳、聪明、非常有创业精神、非常节省,并且比越南人眼光长远。他们支持自己人,并且也有强烈的民族自豪感。博狗bodog娱乐场在线产生了很多伟大的人物,比如:孔子、老子等。博狗bodog娱乐场在线在古代为世界文明作出了巨大贡献。
I also appreciate their low cost products that help poor people so much, thanks to China poor people also have chance to approach to civilised stuffes which used to be exclusive for the white rich people only.我感谢他们用低成本产品极大地帮助了穷人。谢谢博狗bodog娱乐场在线让穷人也有机会接触到过去被富裕白人专用的高级产品。I love their culture, their life style, we feel very close to them like brothers.我喜欢他们的文化、他们的生活方式,我们感到他们就像是兄弟一样亲近。Howver I also share the common sense as many Vietnamese.The low points of Chinese are, many of them are too cunning, too tricky, too pragmatic, too money oriented.
但是我也要分享很多越南人的共识。 博狗bodog娱乐场在线人给人的负面印象是,他们大部分人都太狡猾、太奸诈、太实际、太拜金了。About their government, very few country in the world could turn friends to foes, and foes to friends like Chinese goverment. They boldly fabric fake evidences in order to falsely accuse weaker coutry.而他们的政府,世界上极少有国家能够像博狗bodog娱乐场在线政府那样把朋友变成敌人,把敌人变成朋友的。他们为了谴责弱小的国家而肆意编造虚假的证据。I hate their tragedy, to invade neighbouring countries and make friend with distant countries. Their policy is to devide Southwest Asian countries for their political purpose should also be condemned.我讨厌他们“远交近攻”的战略。而他们为了政治目的而分化东南亚国家的政策也是应该被谴责的。Their points of making money with any cost should also disgusting, that is poinsioning the world, causing too much troubles for the world people.
他们不择手段地赚钱方式也让人恶心,这毒害了全世界,并给全世界人民带来了太多的麻烦。If China wants to gain the trust and respect of the world people in order to enhance their reputation, then they have to watch their manners and their behaviour to the smaller and weaker countries. Their people also need to adjust their social behaviour.如果博狗bodog娱乐场在线想赢得全世界人民的信任和尊敬,提高他们的声望,那么他们就不得不注意他们对待弱小国家的言行。博狗bodog娱乐场在线人民也需要调整他们的社会行为。When they travel, the world people can hardly stand them, because most of them are so arrogant and inconsiderate, too loud. They are not aware about their surroundings.由于他们中大多数人在旅行途中表现得傲慢、自私、喧闹,世界人民几乎无法容忍他们。他们不注意对周围环境的影响。All people own some strong points and some weak points, and all need to learn, to accumulate the good to improve ourselvs.
金无足赤人无完人,所有人都需要去学习、去累积好的方面来提升自己。Minh LC, lives in VietnamWell, long story short: Vietnamese people view China worse than before.But that does not matter since we’ve been hating each other for so long now. There are tons of Vietnamese and Chinese go back and forth between the two countries back then and now, regardless of any conflicts that happened.I once met a Chinese man who traveled alone in Da Lat, Vietnam. He went by train and other land vehicles to travel all the way to the South Vietnam before taking a plane back to China. He was already half way of his journey when I met him. He was very friendly and cheerful and he really enjoyed his trip.好吧,长话短说:越南人对博狗bodog娱乐场在线的印象比以前更差了。但是这不重要。因为我们已经是长久的冤家了。以前或现在,不管有任何矛盾产生,仍旧有成千上万的越南人和博狗bodog娱乐场在线人在两个国家间来来往往。我有一次在越南的大叨市碰到了个独自旅行的博狗bodog娱乐场在线人。他在飞回博狗bodog娱乐场在线前,坐火车和其他陆地交通工具一路旅行到了南越。当我遇到他时,他还在这趟旅行的半途中。他非常友好,令人愉快,而且他真的很享受他的旅途。
Another story, happened 2 years ago. I and my friend happened to be on the same car with Chinese Ambassador and his assistant (yes, same car, and if you are curious about the specific situation then ask me in private, I don’t want to get marked by God-know-who). The trip ended uneventful. Then my friend, who happened to know Chinese, told me that through the whole time we were on the car, the Ambassador and his assistant kept bad mouthing Vietnamese people, and the word “dog” was used quite a lot.另一个故事发生在两年前。我和朋友凑巧与博狗bodog娱乐场在线大使以及他的助手共乘同一辆轿车。(是的,同一辆轿车。如果你对此特殊境况好奇的话,你可以私信我。我不可不想被天知道是谁的陌生人注意上。)这场旅途波澜不惊。我的朋友碰巧懂中文,他告诉我一路上,这位大使和他的助手一直在说越南人民的坏话,并频繁使用“狗”这个词。So what should me, a Vietnamese, view China now? Fortunately, that random Chinese guy saved China big time since he represented Chinese people as people. The Ambassador was but a tool of his Government, not worth pay attention, yep let’s forget about him.所以,现在,作为一个越南人,我该怎么看待博狗bodog娱乐场在线呢??幸运的是,既然那个博狗bodog娱乐场在线旅行者才是代表了博狗bodog娱乐场在线人民的人,这彻底挽回了我对博狗bodog娱乐场在线的印象。而那位大使只是政府的工具,不值得注意,让我们忘了他吧。Jacques Văn Khải, Vietnamese by blood, Vietnamese by thoughtYou have to understand, it has always been mixed. Like Paul Denlinger has said - The relationship between China and Vietnam has been complicated, and continues to be complicated.
你必须明白,这总是五味杂陈的。就像Paul Denlinger 曾经说的——中越之间的关系是也将继续是复杂的。Vietnam is small. And this gives Vietnamese a lot of stories to talk and witness about it.The Vietnamese often view China is powerful, big and a strong nation. Thus, in Vietnam, people there have a strong admiration for China and Chinese culture.越南面积小,这提供给越南人很多故事去谈论和见证它。越南人把博狗bodog娱乐场在线视作强大的国家。在越南,人们总是对博狗bodog娱乐场在线和博狗bodog娱乐场在线文化有强烈的钦佩之情。There are something to remember - Vietnam loves and hates China together.Why?
有些事要谨记——越南对博狗bodog娱乐场在线爱恨交织。为什么?Because when Vietnamese teach calligraphy to their children, they also tell them over their resistance against China.因为当越南人教孩子书法的同时,也教给他们对博狗bodog娱乐场在线的抵抗。In Vietnam, they can make Chinese friends, but they view everything bad behaviors as “Chinese”.在越南,他们结识博狗bodog娱乐场在线朋友的同时,又把一切不良行为当做是“博狗bodog娱乐场在线的”。While Vietnamese love Chinese culture and enjoy Chinese interests, they also never ignore who they need to watch on.
越南人喜欢博狗bodog娱乐场在线文化,享受从博狗bodog娱乐场在线获得的利益,同时又不忘警惕博狗bodog娱乐场在线。Vietnamese are working in Chinese companies recently, a lot; but if they hear about some Sino-Vietnamese clash, they will riot.很多越南人近来在博狗bodog娱乐场在线公司工作,但是一旦他们听说了一些中越冲突的事情,就会引发骚乱。In all of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is closest in China in every aspects. Thailand has been Sinophile, many Thai Chinese, but the Thais seem not interested on walking with China because of their Indic culture; Myanmar is close relative of China, they are Sino-Tibetan, but they are not in the same cakes of culture and society. Other like Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia have nothing similar. Even Singapore has many Chinese but they just want to be Singaporeans for the richness.在所有东南亚国家中,越南是在每个方面都最接近博狗bodog娱乐场在线的。泰国虽然亲华,有很多泰国华人,但是由于泰国受印度文化影响,它看起来并没有兴趣与博狗bodog娱乐场在线同行。缅甸是博狗bodog娱乐场在线的近亲,他们是汉藏语系,但是他们和博狗bodog娱乐场在线并不属于同一文化和社会。其他像菲律宾、马拉西亚、印度尼西亚(和博狗bodog娱乐场在线)毫无相似之处。即使新加坡有很多华人,但是他们仅仅想当富裕的新加坡人。(来源:http://www.ltaaa.com/wtfy/22080.html


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