But how does it stay up? Amazing new spokeless Ferris Wheel opens in China (with wi-fi for all the inevitable selfies)怎么立起来的?一个新的令人吃惊的无轴摩天轮在博狗bodog娱乐场在线开放,提供wifi。
An incredible new spokeless Ferris Wheel will soon open to the public in China - complete with built-in television sets and even wireless internet for all the inevitable selfies.一个新的无轴摩天轮将在博狗bodog娱乐场在线向公众开放,内置电视机,甚至提供wifi供乘客自拍。The giant, futuristic structure comes with 36 carts able to carry 10 passengers each, all of whom will be offered an unparalleled view of the Bailang River in Weifang City, in East China's Shandong Province.这个巨型的未来式结构有36个观景厢,每个可乘坐10人,建于山东潍坊的白浪河上,可以一睹无与伦比的景色。铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图It has been built onto the 1,771ft Bailang River Bridge - hence the name Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel - and it is now ready to roll.
建在1771英尺的白浪河大桥上,因此被成为白浪河桥摩天轮,即将对公众开放。As the world's first spokeless Ferris wheel with grid design, the 475ft tall amusement park-style attraction is set to become Weifang's newest and most eye-catching landmark.作为世界首个网格设计的无轴摩天轮,这个475英尺高的游乐场式的景点将成为潍坊最新最耀眼的地标。铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图Perhaps most surprising of all is that engineers have felt the need to install television sets inside the carts.